Father's Day

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Father’s Day was hard.... life just has not been the same since my dad passed away....#deepsigh.
Instead of getting lost in the sorrow and sadness, I am learning to focus on using my art and gifts to celebrate the memories.....

I wanted to capture the beauty, the emotion and the joy of  a special memory.

The mug I created honors the time my daddy tried to do my hair..... 😳🤨😂
Ohhhhhhh!!!!, He got the side eye.
And the “I don’t know about this” look, for sure/
But it in the end it didn’t really matter how it turned out.... He nailed it......lol.

I was soooo elated that my daddy did my hair.... cheeks beaming, starry eyed and sooo proud...He also was grinning ear to ear. and the look that I saw on his face made me feel so proud of him and you could not tell me a thing....... I was bopping around, and tossing my hair and had an extra pep in my step.
Because after all..........
“Daddy Bows Best” 

-Angela Christina

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